I really want a girlfriend that I can show off to in public. Someone I can treat like a queen, buy her flowers, cuddle with, watch movies, I will do anything she wants to do and I will do anything in my power to make her smile. She won’t have to worry about being a secret to my parents either I will never make her feel like I am ashamed of her.


If we date, you best believe I am treating you like a princess. Buying you flowers, painting for you, sending you those good morning and good night texts. I wanna take you out on dates, give you my clothes to wear, buy you gifts just cause I wanna show you how special you are to me. I’ll show you off in public because you won’t be a “little secret” all my friends and family will know you’re mine. Baby i’ll make all your dreams come true.



hugging when two people have boobs is basically playing boob tetris.